Review Of The OPPO A15 Cameras


With the Oppo A series of smartphones, the manufacturers have provided OPPO with an opportunity to show what they are capable of in terms of specifications and a series that looks attractive on the eye. It also promises them a share of the smartphone market, which is already well-stocked with a number of models from different brands. This has paved the way for OPPO to put out another smartphone in the A series, the Oppo A15. This time, it has delivered on its promise.

The Oppo A15 features all the qualities one would look for in a smartphone – a large display, a large keypad, a large display with a color accuracy of about 1000 cd, excellent cameras, an expandable memory, and a whole lot more. For sure, one would find the camera top-of-the-line but the Oppo A15 also sports an impressive battery. At just over two hours, the A15’s battery is able to allow the device to last through a full day of moderate use. On the other hand, when it comes to power consumption, the Oppo A15 manages to match the likes of the iPhone and HTC Desire HD.

For those who want something unique in their smartphone, the Oppo A series offers unique features too. The first thing that will come to mind is the unique front-facing dual camera setup. This has been complemented by the Oppo A series’ other features as well. The first is the advanced image processing engine, which delivers high definition photos and videos. In addition to that, the Oppo A series has a unique GPS navigation system, which is able to display street maps and road conditions.

As for the camera, the Oppo A series continues to set the standards with respect to camera performance. With an impressive lens, the A series allows you to capture high resolution images even in poor lighting conditions. In terms of sound, the OPPO A15 manages to bring high definition audio recording capabilities along with its dual speaker stereo headphones. When it comes to battery life, the OPPO A15 manages to match the level of battery life offered by some of the leading smartphones in terms of overall battery life.

In terms of camera performance, the OPPO A15 manages to deliver clear and vibrant pictures. Despite having such a powerful camera, however, the OPPO A15’s battery life is surprisingly short, at just over four hours on the whole. This shortcoming could be attributed to the processor and the lack of memory, as both of these components are more power hungry than they are powerful.

Like many flagship smartphones from the major manufacturers, the OPPO A15 is available with either a built-in camera or one that needs to be bought separately. For those who like to use their smartphones as one big device, the built-in camera offers an excellent alternative to using separate cameras for the iPhone, HTC and other smartphone alternatives. The OPPO A15 also features an external micro-SD card which makes it useful for transferring images and videos to the computer. The OPPO A15 also features support for Bluetooth technology, allowing it to connect to a range of hands-free devices without having to get out your phone. The micro-USB port however is currently only supported by Windows and not by Android.

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